A new aircraft wreck found in the South of France.



In the French Riviera, a wreck is lying for several decades. An aircraft, whose debris was discovered a few days ago by divers archaeologists of the AREVPAM (www.arevpam.org), an association working for the development and preservation of Mediterranean heritage on land and underwater.

In the Gulf of Giens, in water depth of 10 meters, that the first artifact was discovered. The remains of the aircraft are scattered on an area one hectare. Now a long work of identification in archives begins, which is made all more difficult because the aircraft is scattering on seabed . Archaeologists from the AREVPAM have already began contacting aviation enthusiasts and museums.

Various pieces of debris reveals clues of the aircraft; it was gray with a small white 4-point star. Portions of wing and fuselage were also identified. Currently, several series of numbers (EIVM) have been discovered on various pieces of wreckage whose fuselage. After an investigative work, several hypotheses have been proposed; the most likely is that this would be a jet aircraft.

The Etendard was manufactured by Dassault, which was a light attack aircraft intended for aircraft carriers; the first flight was made in 1958. Several versions exists, including the IVM. It has existed in 6 prototypes and series 69.

Several accidents have taken place in our coasts, one of them was in Giens Peninsula: The aircraft found in the Gulf of Giens could be the one that sank on 27 September 1963 (The pilot survived).

The Giens Gulf was therefore enriched by a 3rd aircraft wreckage after the P51 Mustang and JU-87 Stuka.

Founded in 2005, the AREVPAM is an association comprised of commercial divers and archaeologists. Its mission, development and preservation of Mediterranean heritage on land and underwater. through educational animations, exhibitions, presentations and multimedia. The AREVPAM has launched a new campaign of underwater archaeological survey around the peninsula of Giens, associated with a round presentations.

 Lenaic Riaudel & Nicolas Ponzone





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