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The wooden tug Acme collided with the vessel that she had in tow. Scattered pieces remain in the area today.  more »
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The 105 foot wooden barge, Finch, foundered in a heavy sea due to a leak in the hull. Broken up remains.  more »
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The wooden propeller, Tonawanda, was nearing Buffalo during a heavy storm and signalled for assistance. While being towed and within 5 miles from the harbor the ship listed and sank. Salvage attempts were made but failed. She was carrying heavy loads of...  more »
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While salvaging the steamer Erie a gale broke the salvage barge loose from its moorings and it sank about 1/2 mile from the site. Bishop's Berrick was built to salvage the the steamers Erie and Altantic.  more »
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Partial structure of a vessel consisting of a steel frame and winches.  more »
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The propeller Dacotach was carrying a cargo of general merchandise when she ran aground and broke up. A portion of the shipwreck lies scattered over the shallow area near shore.  more »
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Barge US 104 was carrying a cargo ot oats when in struck a rock and foundered when nearing the Black Rock Ship Canal in July of 1921.  more »
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