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Homer Warren

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Several miles off shore from Pultneyville, NY
~ GPS Shipwreck Location ~
Latitude:   43° 16' 52.2304" N      Longitude:   -77° 11' 10.9345" W


The Homer Warren was the oldest wooden straight deck bulk freighter in operation on the Great Lakes when it foundered in a heavy gale on October 28, 1919. The ship was on route from Oswego, New York, to Toronto, Canada, with a crew of nine men, all of whom were lost in the storm.

The Homer Warren was originally built in 1863 and modified in 1901 after being partially destroyed by a fire. The ship was 178 feet in length and would typically transport large quantities of lumber, coal, or grain. During the final voyage of the steamer the cargo was “reported” to be 500 tons of coal.


Discovery of the Steamer Homer Warren.


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