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Has Jim or anyone dove to the "HARTFORD" U95229 three mast schooner foundered in 1894, Lake Ontario, Mexico Bay.

My Grandmother would tell about the Hartford and I was always fascinated to listen. Great Grandfather George H McKinley owned Hartford when she sank. I am always hoping to find out more. Thank You!

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Yes - years ago divers found and dove on the small portion of the hull that remains. There is a story of the Hartford with a pic of the sonar image of the hull in my new books Shipwrecks of Lake Ontario - A Journey of Discover. Recently the remains of a hull came into shore and most likely is that of the Harford.
Thank You Jim, I just ordered the book! George McKinley made an effort to raise the Hartford in about 1896. Thanks Again, looking forward to reading the book. –  Brett  May 2nd, 2020 at 6:34 AM

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