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Have you explored the depths of Rochester Basin? If so I have follow up questions regarding to topography of the lake floor having something

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YES - certain areas but not extensively.


Thank you for the fast answer. I am glad to finally have a chance to speak with someone who actually explores down there. My main reason for contacting you was a very strange anomaly that I found on the USGS survey of the Rochester Basin, I verified it with google maps satellite images and simply can't explain what I am seeing. A massive grid of perfectly straight lines embedded within the drumlins. They are not a digital artifact, you can even see how the drumlins contour slightly with these 20 lines, each around 10 miles long. Have you ever seen this before, what are your thoughts? I am not trying to throw any strange ideas out there, simply curious. What ever this is must have been there prior to the formation of the Laurentide ice sheet.

google maps,-76.879016,17181m/data=!3m1!1e3

USGS link is

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