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Is there any state in the us that would let u salvage a shipwreck.

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I am not aware of any state that would allow salvage of a historic shipwreck. Historic ships in New York state are considered to be 50 years or older. Other states may have a different standard. Best to check with the particular state archaeologist for their regulations. However, if a ship has not been officially abandoned and is still owned by someone, a company, or an insurance company then permission to salvage a ship would be wise to obtain to avoid taking a loss on a salvage effort and also probably requires a permit to avoid fines by disturbing the the underwater environment. Some of the notable shipwreck salvages in the Great Lakes in recent years have ended up with big expensive court battles and fines to the salvors. Hope this helps. Jim K.

In Canada most historic shipwrecks are considered as belonging to the government. Disturbing them can result in hefty fines. Recent wrecks usually belong to insurance companies who issue salvage permits. This might be in the form of No Salvage, No Pay. Most come along with a performance clause. If the salvager does not complete the job then the salvage company pays a large fine and the insurance company or government completes the salvage. It is a high risk, high reward dangerious job that takes a lot of special equipment.

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