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Still looking for info on laker wrecked in Long Sault Rapids. Updated info provided below.?

Found photo my mom took on 24 Sept. 1947. Accident occurred earlier than I originally thought.

When enlarged, B&W photo reveals three stripes on funnel of ship: a darker one flanked by two white ones. Also freighter looks like forecastle and hull is discolored, so it may have burnt, or was being heavily weathered by environmental action.

Wreck faces upriver in relatively calm water; down by the stern with main deck awash around funnel. Cornwall canal in foreground with wreck just beyond, so up-bound ship may have missed lower entrance to canal.

Funnel striping suggests owner may be Buffalo-based American Steamship Co. which has operated on Great Lakes since early 1900s. Its funnels sport a red stripe flanked by two white ones. My inquiry to them remains unanswered so far.

Saw the wreck two years in a row; then it was gone -- either salvaged or broken up.

Web sites for Cornwall newspapers not helpful. Still need to

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