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What is the ship onshore on the western edge of Lake Ontario that you see as you're driving from Buffalo up to Canada?

It's been there for years. Not sure if it's an actual shipwreck or a tourist attraction.

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The ship started life in 1914 as a St. Lawrence River ferry named Le Progress.

It was converted into a floating restaurant in 1991 and built to resemble La Grande Hermine (The Big Weasel), the ship French explorer Jacques Cartier sailed along the St. Lawrence River in 1535.

An owner with big dreams but little money parked the vessel in the marina of the Beacon Harbourside Inn on Canada Day 1997 – the final stop on an odyssey of unpaid dockages along the St. Lawrence River. Arsonists cooked the floating restaurant in a 2003 blaze, leaving a slowly rusting hulk on the Lake Ontario shoreline.

View the Youtube video of the wreck:

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