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Jules Verne Nautilus real-life .....
We recently published an article telling the amazing story on the Explorer, an amazing submarine that according to the experts on location was the real life inspiration for Jules Verne Nautilus submarine described in 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Soon after publishing this article we received an amazing email, from our friend Jim-of-Panama.

Jim and his family have been exploring this amazing submarine for over 35 years, and he was kind enough to fill us on the story before Cnel Blashford Snell’s exploration.

It is without a doubt a key element to understand the value within the discovery as well as to know what was the story before these new features about the Explorer were finally unveiled.

It seems that this submarine was first identified as a Japanese Second World War submarine wreck. The experts addressed the wreck as a mini Jap sub, and for decades it was visited, photographed and written about following that hypothesis.

Recently, it was James Delgado of Vancouver who first identified the wreck as a CWE sub. He did all the research and wrote an article that was published in NAVAL HISTORY, December 2004.

And another amazing insiders’ story is that our friend Jim filled us with the exclusive information on who was the person that provided Colonel Blashford Snell the map of the southern Perlas Islands with the location of the sub… It was Jim, captain of Cheers charter Yacht!

See Picture Image Gallery of the sub:  

We’re very glad Jim contacted us and helped us fill in the blanks on this amazing story… We’ll soon publish new and interesting information on this matter… Keep posted!

Bob Frassinetti.
Buenos Aires, Argentina



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