Shipwreck down Cape Horn, Chile

South America, Chile

Naufragios en el cabo de hornos, isla de los Estados, Magallanes, Peninsula Mitre, Malvinas y Georgias del Sud by Lic. Carlos Pedro Vairo.

Shipwrecks a the Hornos Cape, Estates island, Magellan, Mitre Peninsula, Falkland islands and southern Georgias by Licienciate Varlos Pedro Vairo

This is a fantastic book on the history and stories around the world’s most southern point, Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic area written by Mr. Vairo, a specialist on the matter and an advocated researcher of the mysteries and wonders of the gorgeous Tierra del Fuego. A fabulous masterpiece edited by the Ushuaia Sea Museum and Zaiger & Yrruty Publishers, paperback, only available in Spanish.

Throughout 220 pages, the author leads us into the magical world of water and mainland, the history of the first citizens of Tierra del Fuego, the first expeditions, the relationship between the fueguinos and the frequent visitors, the stories behind each and every shipwreck, the majesty and mystery within those sunk ships… The very well written articles and the gorgeous black and white pictures illustrating the themes as well as showing the world back then….

On the first chapter, Tierra del Fuego a story of sailors. The discovery of the Magellan Canal, the author narrates how this fascinating land was discovered, throughout many expeditions carried on by the Spanish, Portuguese, British, Dutch and many other nations intrigued by the limits of the known and the unknown world, seeking for treasures, personal fame and a spot in the Pantheon of Mankind. The following chapter is quite technical and useful, for it focus on the climate and ocean particularities within the region. It’s an illustrating point of view to complement the stories of expeditions, the ones that succeed and the ones that failed to achieve their goals… Plus it’s a fantastic input for those interested in the region for future visits and expeditions. The Route of the sank ships, is the next chapter, within these pages the author introduces one of the main themes in the book. All the information presented in this chapter will be analyzed and developed carefully in the following ones were he describes and analyzes the most important and relevant shipwrecks within the area at the same time he provides the reader with valuable information regarding the main features and characteristics of Cape Hornos and Estate Island, which he would retake further on for a more detailed study together with the shipwrecks within the Mitre Peninsula and the Falkland Islands.

Vairo, separated a special chapter to analyze the sailing abilities and ship construction skills of the area’s first inhabitants, the Indians. A fabulous description and analysis not too often considered when studding this matter.

Last but not least, within the main body of the book Vairo leads the reader into the frozen waters of the Antarctic and its own particular history.

The following part of the book is specially dedicated to historically important and remarkable shipwrecks. He tells us the story behind the sunk embarkation….Tennesse steam ship, Annie Richmond, Tomorrow, Purisima Concepcion, the adventures of Luis Piedra Buena and Dr. Hansen’s shipwreck, cuchess of Albay, Sea Toller, Crown of Italy, Kosmopoliet clipper, Forunier and Guarani ship’s disappearances and Mount Cervantes…. All of which feature exclusive information and testimonies of the survivors.

The book’s last annex presents an unedited progress of the author research work on the Estates island.

A fabulous book that all shipwreck lovers must have in their personal libraries.

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anonymous by Caphornier on 9/24/2008

Dear Mr. Vairo (specialist on the matter):

Take a look at the map, Cape Horn has nothing to do with Argentina!


I read your article in Shipwreck World and as a photographer found it an interesting resource.

However, I was very surprised in your title "Shipwreck down Cape Horn, Argentina" as Cape Horn is actually in Chile and not Argentina. I thought you might want a heads-up in case you want to correct this small, but possibly embarrassing error.

The title of the article has been corrected to: "Shipwreck down Cape Horn, Chile"
anonymous by jacob vankoovering on 1/7/2011
this was a good article thanks

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