Steamship Redfern and three other shipwrecks discovered in Lake Michigan


The Manitou Passage Underwater Preserve announced today the discovery of 4 new shipwrecks in the waters of Northwest Michigan.  These shipwrecks include the wooden cargo ship Redfern, a steel tug boat Lauren Castle, a unique "Rabbit" Steamer and one other shipwreck that has not yet been unidentified. These discoveries have been a collaborative effort between the preserve and three shipwreck hunters.   They are all currently in the documentation stage and are being filmed in high definition for viewing by future generations .

For more information on these shipwrecks and the Manitou Underwater Preserve contact: Thaddius Bedford @

Watch video of the "Rabbit" Steamer:




anonymous by Slippery McJoe on 10/3/2008

Wow amazing...great job!!

anonymous by David Tombs UK on 11/16/2008

Very nice video and dive.One of the best,and atmospheric that I have seen.Well done team.

anonymous by Merrick on 12/14/2008

Great footage...keep up the good work!

anonymous by andrea on 9/19/2009

what a great video!

anonymous by Rowan on 7/1/2010
Great video I guess it is good that I am not a diver, I would have been tempted to put my head/swim into the open forward hatch. One question... what is the "shipwreck that has not yet been unidentified." I presume you mean it hasn't been identified yet, if so that is less a train wreck than the sentence is right now.
anonymous by Fred Hollister on 7/19/2022

Wow! What a wonderful video! Her official number is probably carved into a forward beam - perhaps accessible from the open hatch. If that could be found it certainly would settle the issue of her identity.

That film is why we research these wrecks. Well, one good reason, anyway.

Nicely done!

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