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The three masted schooner, Carlingford, collided with the steamer Brunswick and sank immediately. She was carrying a load of wheat  more »
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The four masted iron propeller, Brunwick, loaded with a heavy cargo of coal collided with the schooner Carlingford in mid November 1881 and sank in 100 feet of water.  more »
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The wooden tug Acme collided with the vessel that she had in tow. Scattered pieces remain in the area today.  more »
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The General Butler was built in Essex, New York in 1862. Designed as a canal boat-schooner it was able to remove the masts and raise its centerboard and navigate the canal system. While approaching Burlington during a Winter storm in early December 1876,...  more »
0 0 in Lake Champlain
In 1890 the steam powered yacht, Catherine, collided with the Steamer St. Lawrence. This yacht immediately sank near sunken rock Light.  more »
0 1 in St. Lawrence River
The wooden paddlewheeler, Rothsey, was built at Saint John, Brunswick.   She was a passenger steamer with a length of 193 ft.  In September of 1889 the Rothsey collided with the tug Myra and she sank killing two crew members.  more »
0 2 in St. Lawrence River
The 90 feet wooden schooner Maggie L was one of the last commercial sailing ships on Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River. In November of 1927 the bow of the Maggie L was severed by a steel freighter as she was leaving the shipping channel for Clayton,...  more »
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The three masted schooner Oliver Mowat was built in 1873 at Mill Haven, Ontario. She was 116 feet in length. In September of 1921 the Oliver Mowat was struck midship by the steel freighter Keywest. Three of the five crew were lost. The masts were a hazard...  more »
0 0 in Lake Ontario
The Comet, a 337-ton a twin paddle wheel steamer, was built in 1848 at Portsmouth, Ontario. She was was powered by two "walking beam" type steam engines with a 51-inch piston. The Comet was a passenger steamer with a length of 174 ft in length and has a...  more »
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Canadian two masted schooner collided with the schooner Lucy J Latham. Carried full cargo of wheat.  more »
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