John A MacDonald

by Shipwreck World

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7 ft (2.1 m)

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John A MacDonald

Wreck Location

Near mouth of Presqu'ile Bay, Ontario   Off of the east shore
~ GPS Shipwreck Location ~
Latitude:   44° 0' 36" N      Longitude:   -77° 40' 30" W


Two masted schooner mostly broken up.  Carried cargo of coal.


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Anyone been here? My friend and I went looking for it last year (just snorkeling) but couldn't find it. Any idea if the google maps location is accurate?
anonymous by Bob on 6/9/2013
Been here many times. I had a cottage nearby when i was a kid. There wasn't much to see back then. just a skelton that was mostly covered in sand. Not sure it the location is exaxt but is is very close to where it shows it pegged.
If you have a more accurate position please provide one here and I will update the location of the wreck. Thanks, Jim
anonymous by Kevin Smith on 5/1/2017

If you look on google maps, you can locate the wreck just south of the other lighthouse located just north of presquile point, where the main lighthouse is located. I have also positively identified at least three other shipwrecks inside brighton bay that are visible using google earth and a possible 2-3 more that "might" be the remains of wrecks. contact me if you are interested in chatting.

anonymous by Zachary Braam on 6/11/2020

I accidentally found this wreck in my canoe with my dad in 2016. I'm planning to go check it out with friends tomorrow, hopefully we find it again lol

anonymous by Laureane on 5/23/2021

Found this wreck on May 23, 2021 when we were out kayaking. Location was fairly accurate and we could see the full length of the schooner. Perhaps the sand has been pushed off the schooner and it was our lucky day, sometimes the sand comes in with a vengeance and covers everything in its path. It was AMAZING!

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