Sir Robert Peel

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125 ft (38.1 m)

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Sir Robert Peel

Wreck Location

Downstream from old Peel dock on Wellesley Island in 125 of water  
~ GPS Shipwreck Location ~
Latitude:   44° 18' 2.4012" N      Longitude:   -75° 59' 10.5612" W


The Sir Robert Peel was a side wheel passenger steamer built at Brockville, Ontario in 1837.  While tied up to the dock in 1838 a raiding party dress up as indians captured her, robbed the passengers, and then set the ship on fire. She sank downstream from the dock in 125 feet of water.  The event of the burning of the Peel was part of the conflict known as the Patriot Wars.  


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anonymous by Parker Morse on 1/15/2022
Map was rated 5 stars by reviewer.

Does anyone know if items have selvaged of the Sir Robert Peel yet?

Map was rated 5 stars by reviewer.
Does anyone know if items have selvaged of the Sir Robert Peel yet?
The ship was burned to the water line in 1838. The wreck site was salvaged by hard hat divers in 1900 and during WWII. All metal works including the walking beams, and engine were removed.
Map was rated 5 stars by reviewer.
Thank you JimKennard
Where did you find this info on the selvages?
Suggest that you visit the St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation Inc. website for additional information:
Map was rated 5 stars by reviewer.
Thank you It does give more information than what I’ve seen in the past from other sites including this one but still doesn’t tell you whether it’s been salvaged or not.
Suggest that you ask your question to the St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation.

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