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A two masted sailing yacht about 40 feet in length. The Raymond burned to the waterline and sank  more »
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The wooden steamer Arizona was built in Cleveland in 1868. She had a length of 201 feet and beam of 32 1/2 feet. In December 1922 the Arizona caught fire at Cape Vincent. She was towed up river for 1 1/2 miles and then scuttled. Later the ship remains...  more »
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The three masted schooner A E Vickery was built at Three Mile Bay, NY in 1861. An incompetent river pilot ran the Vickery on a shoal when entering the American Narrows. The 136 foot schooner slipped off shoal and sank soon afterwards. The Vickery was...  more »
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The steamer Oconto was on her first trip carrying a cargo of silks, cotton, boots and 15 passengers. She struck Granite State shoal in July of 1886. There was an unsuccessful salvage attempt and the Oconto slide down the steep side of the channel and...  more »
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The French bulit the Iroquois in 1759. The British captured the ship in and renamed her the HMS Anson. In 1763 the Anson struck a shoal off Susan Island and sank.  more »
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The Sir Robert Peel was a side wheel passenger steamer built at Brockville, Ontario in 1837. While tied up to the dock in 1838 a raiding party dress up as indians captured her, robbed the passengers, and then set the ship on fire. She sank downstream from...  more »
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The Islander was built in Rochester, NY in 1871. She was utilized as both an excursion boat and a mail carrier. In 1909 the Islander burned at the dock. She is 125 feet in length. This is a great 1st wreck dive as you can enter the water from shore and...  more »
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The Kinghorn was in a tow with 6 other schooners by the tug, Hiram A. Walker in April of 1897. The tow was headed to Montreal when a storm sank three of the schooner barges. The Kinghorn was carrying a load of wheat.  more »
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There are two wooden hull of abondoned ships just off of Grenadier Island. These shipswrecks have not been identified.  more »
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The Keystorm was a cargo steamer. She was built at new Castle in Great Britain in 1909 for the Keystorm Transportation Company of Montreal. She measures 250 feet in length with a 42.5 foot beam. On October 26, 1912 on night with much fog, she ran into the...  more »
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An explosion on board the America cause her to sink on June 20, 1932.  The steel drill barge America was used to dynamite shoals along the St. Lawrence River.  The barge is lies upside down and is near the shipping channel.  Use caution when diving.  more »
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Built in 1965 for the Algoma fleet, the Jodrey was a fairly new 623 foot Canadian self un-loader. On November 21 1974 while traveling upbound on the St. Lawrence River, the Jodrey struck a navigational buoy and quickly began taking on water. She ran up on...  more »
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