anonymous by Scott Reiboldt on 8/30/2008

Incredible, He set out for adventure and ended up praying for a rescue at sea,

anonymous by olafander@yahoo.com on 12/13/2008

Misguided, ill-equiped, and badly planned journeys such as this by unknowledgeable adventurers like this fool should be notified that there will be no expenditure of public funds for a dangerous and costly rescue when they inevitably end in failure.

anonymous by riptides on 12/14/2008

Funny how a story shows up on the Fox News website linking back to this one and the ignorant suddenly show up to shove their smug and self-important "Nobody is entitled to any help in this society" rants down our throats yet again.

The thing is, Dom Mee, the man in the video, is a very experienced sailor who has successfully crossed the Atlantic in the past on a small craft and has more knowledge and planning skills for this type of journey than you could imagine. Also your post leans towards you not having the first clue as to what a sea anchor is and how it's main function is to be deployed in rough seas to stabilize a small craft and that the said loss of his anchor was a rare freak occurrence that could not be planned for, much less mitigated, since a craft of this size would not safely be able to carry more than one on a 3,700Km / 40-day journey.

anonymous by Mordecai "No Engine, No Oars" benHersche on 12/14/2008

I'm glad to hear of Dom Mee's courageous attempt to kite across an ocean. A kite sail had been a dream of mine since 1980 when wind surfing and kite skiing was becoming popular in Hawai'i. The possibility of the use of an inflatable kite to power a small boat was confirmed when my sons and I met a man on a California beach flying a huge kite which he had to use the weight of his body to restrain, and he was a BIG man. He said he had a larger kite which could lift the back end of his dual wheeled pickup truck off the ground. I'm sure that after his partial success either he or someone he's inspired will actually complete his dream.
Fair winds and following seas, Dom.

anonymous by mack on 12/14/2008

doesnt seem too rough to me in most of thiose shots...worst was when the boat is full of water,,so what the ___ happened,,,was he rescued or what?

anonymous by sbj on 12/16/2008

This is simple not good seamanship. Its a stunt!! Good seamanship is based on proper equipment,proper knowledge of foul weather techniques, and a vessel fit for circumnavigation. Kites are for flying in the park not at sea.

anonymous by Reg Coombs on 1/12/2011
A courageous attempt right. I'm a sailor from Newfoundland Canada every year we have fools like this attempting to cross the North Atlantic in everything from 45 gal. barrels, Kayaks, rowboats, and even heaps of garbage tied together, some make it but most are never seen again or our Coast Guard Lads got to risk their lives trying to save them. 14 foot boats are for small lakes and ponds true experienced sailors know trying to cross the Atlantic in a 14 foot boat is like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, people will do anything for attention

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