anonymous by Jeremiah Burch on 7/4/2008

It is sad Thinking ABOUT ALL OF THE [DEAD] Lost Souls , /Or Casualties In That Disaster

anonymous by howardhofelich on 12/13/2008

Interesting enough, the wreck of the Cormoran ( a WWWI German raider is sunk in Apra Harbor Guam). She went down with everything inside, I have quite a few Imperial German Navy uniform buttons from her. her sinking was the first hostile act taken by the United States against Imperial Germany.,..the US demanded her internship in Apra Harbor and her captain scuttled her, lost a few sailors in the process.

anonymous by Joseph Patrick Hayes Jr. on 12/14/2008

The amazing part is that Kormoran v. Sydney was a shock since the Kormaran was a Auxilary cruiser armed with 5.9 inch guns while Sydney may have had troubles of her own but was armed with more 6-inch guns and a seaplane which could have checked her gun mounts.

anonymous by neha bhagirath on 3/31/2010
wow this is cool

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