anonymous by Kip on 6/14/2008
You guys are amazing and this is the find of the new millenium
anonymous by Kyle-in-PA on 6/14/2008
anonymous by Brandy on 6/15/2008
WOW! What an awesome find. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece of history.
anonymous by MRK on 6/15/2008
anonymous by Amin in TO on 6/15/2008
That looks awesome. What a great look at the past. Keep up the good work. Any interesting treasure found? Also, any plans on surfacing the ship, if possible?? Thanks for the history lesson.
anonymous by JeffW-Htos1 on 6/16/2008
Cool video! Thanks.
anonymous by Tony T on 6/16/2008
What a fantastic bit of underwater footage and for sure the find of the modern age.
anonymous by moshe on 6/16/2008
Edmund Fitztgerald chilling footage but great
anonymous by Rich W on 6/16/2008
Absolutly amazing, great job guys. I hope it can be raised and Great britan does not try to stand in the way.
anonymous by Steve H on 6/16/2008
Great find and awesome footage but why is the video dated 08.06.08? (8 June 2008)
anonymous by AJ on 6/16/2008
As a retired Sailor, I hope the men rest in peace. And thanks to you gentlemen, the men now have a burial site and their ship: a resting place. Keep up the GREAT work.
What a terrific find! I read elsewhere that there are no plans to raise it. I'm glad to hear that. Keep up the great work.
anonymous by tomcat the barber on 6/28/2008
thank you, for a great find of history,and for the future !!!!!!!!!
anonymous by anonymous on 7/15/2008

raise her!

anonymous by elder master on 12/13/2008

This beautiful footage shows us some great detail considering the ship has been 228 years below the surface. Stunning and remarkable...good jod

anonymous by anonymous on 12/14/2008

It's a grave site ... leave it be

anonymous by T on 12/14/2008

The level of preservation is amazing. Truly a fantastic find.

anonymous by johnd on 12/14/2008

I agree this gravesite should be left undisturbed, it has been documented very well

anonymous by Johnnywad on 12/14/2008

I live 3 blocks from the Welland Ship Canal near Bridge 21 in Port Colborne.I remember well, the Fitzgerald pssing through the locks,time and again.A tragic end to a great crew,and a fantastic lady.May "She" and the boys,find the rest they are due.My deepest condolences to all families,friends as well as the people who knew and loved them. Twenty nine prayers,for twenty nine lives.

anonymous by Compaqxl590 on 12/14/2008

i know this is a grave site and i understand that but with the age of she ship and the condition of the site i think i would raise her.. this is a step right in to the past that will never be seen again. i belive i would raise her very few get a chance to step back in time like this.

anonymous by David Farrow on 3/19/2009

Why not raise her, the Mary Rose was raised here in the UK and the crews remains where appropiately given a final resting place on land. After all does not the old saying goes " a drowned saliors soul does not rest untill it makes land". The historical information on her is too precious to be left forever on the seabed.

The Ontario is the property of the British Admiralty. It has been decided by them to leave the ship there and not to remove any possible artifacts on the deck. To raise and preserve this ship would cost many millions of $$$. And there is no 100% guarentee that over time that the ship would not decay, but only slower. We believe that with the amount of video collected that shipwreck historians will have good information as to the details of this ship. A made for TV documentary is in the works now and is expected to be completed for viewing in the Fall of 2009, so everyone will be able to share in the details of HMS Ontario.
HMS ONTARIO - Legend of the Lake - Discovery Edition - NEW book - NOW AVAILABLE
Just released is the update book with new chapters and revised infomation that contains many never seen before underwater images of the Ontario along with new paintings and sketches of the shipwreck above and below water. For details of the book and to order a personalize copy from one of the discoverers of HMS Ontario. Go to our website: www.shipwreckworld.com
anonymous by I like Treasure on 4/9/2010
can you give me the L&L i would like to go to the site pay my respect........

lol very cool guys i look foward to reading your book
anonymous by Stevie on 2/6/2016

I love this

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