anonymous by Mackenzie on 9/17/2009

That is so cool! I am doing some achrcolegy soon for school!

anonymous by Steve on 10/3/2009

This is a horrible idea! Do some research on the Alvin Clark in WI. This wooden schooner sank in 1864, was raised in 1969 and turned into a tourist attraction. The ship that survived for 105 years on the lake bottom crumbled and rotted away in less than 25 years and is now in a WI landfill.

anonymous by Travis on 11/23/2010
Just because someone failed to preserve a ship properly doesnt mean that it will happen again. I understand your concern that it would suffer the same fate as the Alvin Clark but look at the Vasa sunk in the 1600's raised in the 60's and now perfectly preserved in a museum. What matters is how you treat the wood. The right chemicals will preserve a ship very well for many hundreds of years.
anonymous by Peter Alex on 3/2/2011
After seeing preserved Viking ships at a museum in Denmark, yes, it is a factor of correct preservation methods.

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