anonymous by katelyn on 6/1/2008
do u have any pictues of the RMS Atlantic?
NO. We do not have any RMS Atlantic pictures.
anonymous by Jerome jerome_miller@roadrunner.com on 6/13/2008
What are the prospects for further recovery of the Atlantic and/or its cargo ?

How about recovery of the "submarine" that rests on tis deck?
anonymous by jack on 12/14/2008

i need help for a book

anonymous by Gabrielle Rettinger on 11/12/2009

I learned in school in Mrs. Stopeks's room yesterday that a ship called the Edmond Fitzgerild sank in Lake Superior. The ship went into a storm and the waves knocked over the ship. There were no survivers.

anonymous by Buddie on 2/20/2010
Edmond Fitzgerild sank in lake Erie didn't it ?
The Edmond Fitzgerald and its twenty-nine men were lost November 10, 1975 in Lake Superior.
anonymous by Barbara McDonald on 4/30/2011
What is the current status of the artifacts on the Atlantic? My ancestors were on that ship and survived.
anonymous by ajhut44 on 5/20/2012
The artifacts are being pulled up i belive.
anonymous by ratstar on 7/21/2018
the wreak cannot be salvaged. it is in canadian waters and their government will not allow salvage. they have a monitoring system that alerts when a ship stops in the area of the wreak.

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