anonymous by anonymous on 8/3/2011
It could be a Russian circular shaped battleship built in the 1870s. These crafts were desiged by an admiral named Popoff. Go on line, google Russian Circular Battleships. It was named Novgorod, was about 120 feet across, and it had a central gun turrret with two heavy cannons and two smokestacks.They were difficult to control due to their shape, yet they were innovative in their own way. In the picture, it does look like a steampunk water based flying saucer.
anonymous by AnselTk1 on 8/5/2011
I think they only built 2 'Popovkas' and according to a few places they only served in the Black Sea and were scrapped in 1912. Would be cool though if it was one of those...
anonymous by Dave Yutzy on 9/1/2011
If you view the scan return, the object is predominately on the left side of the tow fish but the object is also visible on the right side of the scan. This is not possible unless there were two objects. In my opinion, it is probably some sort of equipment anomaly.

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