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Legend of the Lake - New Discovery Edition Book

The recent discovery of the wreck of the British warship Ontario, “the Holy Grail” of Great Lakes shipwrecks, solves several mysteries that have puzzled historians since the ship sank more than two centuries ago. Now, for the first time, the whole tragic story of the Ontario can finally be told. - $30.00 (includes shipping - U.S. ONLY) - Buy Now!

Deep Shipwrecks of Lake Ontario - DVD

 Deep Shipwrecks of Lake Ontario (run time: 32 minutes)
A trilogy of shipwreck discoveries. Each of the shipwrecks in this presentation were discovered in the deep waters of Lake Ontario from 360 feet to nearly 700 feet. One of these ships, a rare recently discovered “” schooner, was located off of Oak Orchard, the only such ship of its type to have been found in the Great Lakes. The foundering of other two ships, over 100 years ago, were found in the areas of Sodus Point and Oswego.- $20.00 (includes shipping - U.S. ONLY) - Buy Now!

Discovery of an Early 19th Century Lake Ontario Schooner - DVD

Discovery of an Early 19th Century Lake Ontario Schooner (run time: 19 minutes)
 Chronicles the discovery of the Schooner Milan, the oldest commercial vessel found in deep water off the southern shore of Lake Ontario. The Milan build in 1845, was carrying 100 barrels of Onondaga salt from Oswego to Cleveland when it sank near Oak Orchard in 1849. Includes development of the underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV) that captured the video images of the Milan shipwreck. - $15.00 (includes shipping - U.S. ONLY) - Buy Now!