U.S.A.F. aircraft abandoned in flight discovered in Lake Ontario

The wreck of a U.S. Air Force C-45 aircraft abandoned during flight by its crew in 1952 has been located in deep water off Oswego, New York.  Crippled by the failure of one of its two engines the plane continued on a 65 mile pilotless flight until it...  more »

Rochester, New York – The Canadian steamer Roberval which foundered in 1916 when struck by a rogue wave has been discovered in the deep depths of Lake Ontario.   The Roberval is one of only two undiscovered steel clad ships still in the...  more »

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Rochester, New York - The wreckage of the schooner Atlas which sank in 1839 during a gale has been located in Lake Ontario.  The Atlas may be the oldest confirmed commercial schooner discovered in the Great Lakes.  A team of shipwreck...  more »

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A rare dagger-board schooner has been discovered in over 500 feet of water off the southern shore of Lake Ontario using deep towed side scan sonar equipment. Sailing vessels of this type were in use on the lakes for only a short period of time beginning in the very early 1800’s. This ship is the only dagger-board schooner known to have been found in the Great Lakes.  more »

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HMS Ontario, a British warship built in 1780 has been discovered in deep water off the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Shipwreck enthusiasts Jim Kennard and Dan Scoville located the ship utilizing sophisticated side scanning sonar and an underwater remote operated vehicle. HMS Ontario is the oldest confirmed shipwreck and the only fully intact British warship to have ever been found in the Great Lakes.  more »

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Rochester, New York - The shattered remains of the Onondaga, a mid 1800’s paddle-wheeler, have been located in the deep depths of Seneca Lake south of Geneva, New York.  A team of shipwreck enthusiasts, Jim Kennard,  Roger Pawlowski, and...  more »

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On June 20th 1874 the two masted scow schooner Shannon let loose her lines from the coal dock at the port of Oswego.  Around 4:00pm the Shannon passed Oswego light and headed out into the lake.  She had just taken on 100 tons of anthracite coal...  more »

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independent.co.uk Shipwreck found off coast of Haiti thought to be one of the most significant underwater discoveries in history. More than five centuries after Christopher Columbus’s flagship, the Santa Maria, was wrecked in the Caribbean, archaeological investigators...  more »

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duluthnewstribune.com Nearly 100 years after the Henry B. Smith freighter went down in Lake Superior during a November storm, a group of shipwreck hunters believes it has found the ship — largely intact. The Duluth News Tribune reports the group found the wreck last...  more »

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courant.com After two days trapped in freezing cold water and breathing from an air bubble in an upturned tugboat under the ocean, Harrison Okene was sure he was going to die. Then a torch light pierced the darkness.  more »

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duluthnewstribune.com The 100 year old ore boat Henry B. Smith has been discovered in the deep depths of Lake Superior.  more »

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core77.com In the early 1980s, Frenchman Franck Goddio was working in finance. But rather than searching for treasure in spreadsheets, he began looking elsewhere: underwater. With a passion for underwater archaeology, Goddio quit his finance gig, founded the...  more »

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Rochester, New York – The battered remains of the Canadian schooner Ocean Wave, which capsized and eventually sank from a sudden and violent squall, has been found in the depths of Lake Ontario.   Shipwreck explorers Jim...  more »

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For many years SCUBA divers and fishermen have occasionally come upon some of the nearly century old sunken wrecks in Oneida Lake. The locations of these wrecks have been kept secret as they are great places for fishermen to find game...  more »

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The wreckage of what is believed to be an original Erie Canal boat has been discovered in the Oswego River south of Fulton, New York.  more »

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Shipwreck explorers Jim Kennard and Dick Duncan recently conducted a search in the Hudson River near Saugerties, New York, using a very high resolution imaging sonar discovering seven abandoned shipwrecks within just a few hours. Over 400 years ago Henry...  more »

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A large crane and associated construction equipment with an estimate worth of over $700,000 lost in a violent October gale in 1981 has been discovered by a team of shipwreck explorers in Lake Ontario.  more »

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For the past year I have been using the DeepVision DE340 Side Scan Sonar with the DeepView SE software.  I have operated DeepVision system in the deep depths of Lake Ontario, the swift waters of the St. Lawrence River and in the murky depths of the...  more »

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