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The King Cruiser sank on the 4th of May 1997 was miles off course after striking Anemone reef on it’s way to Koh Phi-Phi from Phuket. No one was injured and all passengers were safely evacuated. It now stands as a dive spot of choice for divers in...  more »
0 0 in Andaman Sea
(Edmund Fitzgerald in her early years as a coal fired steel hulled steamship. Even before her demise, the Fitzgerald was a well known icon of the Great Lakes to those that lived along it.) The Edmund Fitzgerald was a "Laker" type iron ore bulk freighter...  more »
0 0 in Lake Superior
Vashon was a steel hulled double ended ferry boat built for the Kitsap County Transportation Company in 1930 by the Lake Washington Shipyard at Houghton, Washington, locally famous for reconstructing the destroyed ferryboat Peralta into the iconic Puget...  more »
0 0 in Pacific Ocean
Wooden derrick barge sank while being towed. Size: 90' x 28' x8'  more »
0 0 in Lake Erie
Wooden steamer sprung aleak and sank. 222' x 36' x 14'  more »
0 0 in Lake Erie
Steel sandsucker capsized in high winds and sank. 252' x 44' x 18'  more »
0 0 in Lake Erie
Scow-schooner carrying coal - unidentified  more »
0 0 in Lake Erie
Three masted bark loaded with iron ore sank in a storm. 152' x 33' x 12'  more »
0 0 in Lake Erie
Wooden steamer scuttled 281' x 41' x 7'  more »
0 0 in Lake Erie
Tug caught fire and burned 57' x 15' x 7'  more »
0 0 in Lake Erie
Three masted schooner with cargo of stone sprung a leak and sank. Size: 137' x 26' x 10'  more »
0 0 in Lake Erie
Tugboat -unknown origin  more »
0 0 in Lake Erie
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