Links An American company is in the process of determining the value of a haul of sunken treasure, thought to be the biggest ever discovered. Odyssey Marine Exploration says it is examining more than half-a-million coins from the shipwreck as part of a find...
3 0 in Shipwreck Videos The Tug Smith sank in October 1930 on Lake Erie near Long Point while in tow to Sarnia for repairs lies in 165 feet of water.
1 1 in Shipwreck News The Steamer Atlantic sank in Lake Erie after a collision with the propeller steamer Ogdensburg off of Long Point in August 1852. The ship sank with a freight cargo of $36,000 in gold in the safe. Over 150 to 250 people drowned in the disaster.
1 10 in Shipwreck News The Gunilda, one of the most elegant steam yachts to sail on Superior waters, sank in 1911 off McGarvey Shoal in Lake Superio at a depth of 250 feet.
1 0 in Shipwreck News Diving the Tug Coromorant (1941- 1958)
1 0 in Shipwreck News Diving the Wreck of the Tugboat Mary Kay.
1 0 in Shipwreck News The Canadian Steamer Roverval sank in a violent storm on Lake Ontario near Oswego, NY in 1916 with a cargo of lumber. Seven crew members survive by making a raft out of the floating lumber.
1 0 in Shipwreck News Diving the Steamer David W. Mills shipwreck.
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