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Anybody have any info on wreck at Cuttings Wharf on the Napa River, Napa, Calif ?...

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It's the SS Cabrillo, was a three deck passenger transport for Catalina Island built 1905 in San Pedro. Comandeered by the U S Military for WW 2, brought to the Bay area for local troop transport, then bought/taken to Cuttings by Mr. Moore to be used as a restaurant, which never happened. Moore had the restaurant next to the wreck. The restaurant is still called Moore's Landing. Lots of info by googling SS Cabrillo. Also a old US Destroyer, USS Corry on east side of the river farther downstream.
not really related to this ship but theres another on the same river more down stream from the USS Corry under the powerlines, if u want to google earth it id go back to 5/2012 for a clear picture its sorta only visable during low tide –  Piranahbite  Feb 15th, 2022 at 7:04 AM

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