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How to i convert the listed gps numbers in this site in degrees, minute, seconds, and .seconds into the format my gps uses degree

ie 44 degrees 17 minutes 13.2612 sec N: 76degrees 0 minutes 15.59988 sec W converted to degrees, minutes.mmm (44

do you divide the seconds by 60 to convert?

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The easiest way to convert the GPS (Degrees °Minutes ' Seconds ") that is displayed in the wreck finder section into Decimal format is with a GPS converter.

We have one on the Submit Wreck page here that you can use:

To answer your question, you would divide Minutes by 60. You would also divide seconds by 3600.

Here's the actual C# code for the formula, in case you're a programmer:

/// <summary>
/// Convert (Latitude or Longitude) Degrees, Minutes, Seconds to Decimal (Latitude or Longitude)
/// </summary>

public static double ConvertDmsToDecimal(string degrees, string minutes, string seconds)
// find decimal latitude or longitude
double dmsDegrees = degrees == string.Empty ? 0 : Convert.ToDouble(degrees); // empty null value needs to be handled
// Set flag if number is negative
bool neg = dmsDegrees < 0d;
// Work with a positive number, needed for the addition to work right (we add negative sign at the end)
dmsDegrees = Math.Abs(dmsDegrees);

double dmsMinutes = minutes == string.Empty ? 0 : Convert.ToDouble(minutes) / 60; // empty null value needs to be handled
double dmsSeconds = seconds == string.Empty ? 0 : Convert.ToDouble(seconds) / 3600; // empty null value needs to be handled
// add values together
double ddVal = dmsDegrees + dmsMinutes + dmsSeconds;
// make negative if needed
ddVal = neg ? (ddVal * -1) : ddVal;
// round down a bit
ddVal = Math.Round(ddVal, 6, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero); // Rounds to 6 digits past decimal

return ddVal;

You may also use a GPS converter here:

Hi Eric,

Divide the seconds by 60 and add the result to the minutes:

44deg 17 minutes 13.2612 seconds = 44 deg 17 minutes + 13.2612 / 60 = 44 deg 17.22102 minutes
76 deg 0 minutes 15.59988 / 60 seconds = 76 deg 0.259998 minutes

Hope this helps. Jim

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