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Jim, I wrote to you previously on the eBay site concerning sub-bottom profilers. I have more questions if you have the time. Brad?

We are looking for a technology that would allow us to search under possibly up to 10-15 feet of mud or sand....I imagine an x-ray that will work in 0-500? feet of water. We have a sailboat in Panama and stories of lost ships abound. And Drake's "leaded" coffin has never been found. I don't know what technologies would be available to assist in these pursuits and/or if we could even afford them, but I am interested in any info that could give us a place to start. Thank you. Brad

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Hi Brad

The sensiebelste detector would be a good magnetometer. If your area of ​​search is not scrapped, or prevail strong mineral anomalies is likely, for example, a cannon still be found in several meters of soil depth.


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