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M wife's 2X Great grandfather, Harris Bennitt was captain of the Napolean,wrecked in Lake Erie in 1855 0r 1857. has the wreck been locat

the ship, Napolean in 1855 or 1857. Has the wreck been located? were there any survivors?

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Found two Napoleans that wrecked in the Great Lakes.

Type at loss : sidewheel steamer, wood
Build info : 1853, Hamilton, Ont.
Specs : 110 ft.
Date of loss : 1856, Dec 2
Place of loss : Western edge of Burlington Bay, near Hamilton, Ont.
Lake : Ontario
Detail : She was driven ashore by a gale, perhaps later burned to total loss.
Out of Dundas, Ont.

NAPOLEON Other names : also seen as NAPOLEAN
Type at loss : propeller, wood, built as a schooner [also shown as a sidewheeler]
Build info : 1845, Sault Ste Marie, MI
Specs : 92x25x9, 181 t. om
Date of loss : 1857, Dec 2
Place of loss : off Saugeen, Ont., Bruce Peninsula, Lake : Huron
Type of loss : storm
Detail: Had gone to the assistance of the schooner DREADNAUGHT, she went ashore and bent her rudder shoe, disabling her engine. Helpless, she went on a reef and pounded to pieces. Her engine, boilers and gear were salvaged in the fall of 1858 and sold at Detroit.
Also reported as lost on Lake Erie in 1855.
Converted to passenger steamer about 1850.

Hope this helps. JIm

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