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Where are the majority of shipwrecks found; what are some common places shipwrecks are found?

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ship wrecks happen every place...reefs,rocks and open water in storms...they even burn at dock and go down...
sorry it not like gold on the down side of rock in the river....

The reason for shipwrecks can be as varied as the ships themselves. Everything from canoes to passenger liners. On the great lakes the main reason for shipwrecks is storms or hitting bottom. Other reasons might be it caught fire, floundered due to age, fog, collisions, hit by lightning,overloaded, insurance scam. The list goes on and on. In olden days the ships did not have engines. They relied on sail power and when a ship gets into tight spaces it can run into trouble very quickly. Trying to meanuver between two islands and fighting an upstream current can be tricky even in todays sailboats. If you are sailing over a 30 foot shoal in nice weather all is well. Sail over a 30 foot shoal in 15 foot waves and there is a chance you could hit bottom. There is also one wreck I know about that got lost in smoke from a forest fire and hit a shoal and sank. Look at known wreck areas and if you see an accumulation of wrecks there must be a good reason. It could be something as simple as the narrowing of the lake and shallow water. Hope this helps.

Storms sank many of the Great Lakes schooners but a lot of them sank because they leaked. The bilge pump was the most important pieice of gear on these ships. Fire was also a cause. In Lake Ontario 30% of the shipwrecks are located between the St Lawrence River and Kingston, Ontario. 35% of the shipwrecks are in depths great than 300 ft and are found in the middle portion of the lake. The other 35% are distributed in depths less tnan 300 ft in the rest of the lake. I have estimated that today there are about +200 shipwrecks that still remain in Lake Ontario that have not wrecked on shore, burned at the dock, or have been removed.
See our Shipwreckworld WRECK FINDER for locations of many of the known shipwrecks in Lake Ontario.

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