DeepVision Side Scan Sonar images



 Great Lakes Schooner - Shipwreck

Three masted schooner

 Location:  Lake Ontario


Steamer Arizona remains

Location:  St. Lawrence River

Steamer Roy Jodrey 

Location:  St. Lawrence River


Old Shipwreck remains

Location:  Hudson River

Sand Waves

Location:  Hudson River 


Old Anchor

Location:  Hudson River

Unknown Object 6x6 ft - sonar image

Location:  St. Lawrence River


Unknown Object 6x6 ft - underwater photo

Location:  St. Lawrence River

The side scan sonar images shown here were obtained using a DeepVision DeepEye 340 side scan sonar system.  DeepVision has one of the best value and high quality side scan sonars on the market.  Should you have questions on our experiences with the operation of the DeepEye 340 system, please feel free to email me:   or contact DeepVision directly:   




anonymous by orlins on 1/31/2011
i nned to pay one deep vision course. You are welcome. How much. I have 2 deep side scan sonars
anonymous by u-11 on 10/20/2011
what would you prefere, 340 kHz sonar or 670 kHz? Why? May be you can show some differences on images... Thank you
The DE340 (340 kHz) is used for deeper searches and has a towfish for deep towing and longer range over 250 meters. The Hull Mount (670 kHz) system is primarily used for higher resolution searches in depths up to 25 meters or so. I have actually used it in depths up to 60 meters. Hull mounted systems are more affected by every motion of the boat which causes image distortions in rough seas, whereas towed systems are not affected by the boat motion. Each system has its advantages, higher resolution and simple mounting with no towing, versus longer range and deep towing to be able to get under the thermocline layer and closer to the bottom. I have not imaged the same target with both systems but that is a good suggestion that I will do next season. Thanks for your inquiry. Jim
anonymous by u-11 on 10/21/2011
Thank's for answer. Armando
anonymous by Nauamchos on 2/6/2012
Hi,what is the depth of your image ?
I'm looking for sonar able to work in the 100/150 mtrs range (bottom depth),similar to Yellowfin of Imagenex.
Hi Nauamchos,
The depth of sonar image of the Lake ontario schooner is in approximately 100 mtrs. Depth of the St Lawrence River sonar images vary from 20 to 70 mtrs. Hudson River images are 15 to 25 mtrs. The DeepVision DE340 should work very well for you in the 100 to 150 mtr depth range. Last year I found a steamer in a depth over 150 mtrs with the DE340. If you would like to discuss my experience with the DeepVision side scan sonar you can email me directly:

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