Side Scan Sonar Images


Side Scan Sonar images - high resolution


Schooner Orcadian



Seabee Aircraft Wreck

Schooner Milan



Steamer Homer Warren

Great Lakes Steamer



Human Body




anonymous by Connor Robel on 5/31/2012
the body found at the seabee looks fake. unless you take me down there in person, I don't believe it.
Well, believe it because the Canadian police recovered these bodies after the sonar images of the bodies were made by the side scan sonar.
The plane was also recovered and can be seen in the area.
anonymous by Bill on 1/30/2016

I am looking for a wreck near Forster an old timber ship heard its good fishing there and the co ordinates are guarded on my sonar I came accross somthing 100 foot long or more in 9' of water looked to be off the bottom about a foot then another 2-3 foot high as I crused along the item don't have a picture but from this description could it be what I'm looking for the wreck was blown up several years back as a fisherman got sick of getting his nets tangled in it. it to me looked like a few side planks still intact.

Want to find some ship wreck in my area for diving
Can have for this ship wreck Sarawak Maru. This ship wreck nearby my area but don't have the cordite thanking
what is your area?

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