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Two canal boats that may date back to the mid 1800’s have been discovered in Lake Ontario by a team of shipwreck explorers.   Jim Kennard, Roger Pawlowski, and Roland Stevens located the canal boats using DeepVision side scan sonar...  more »
0 1 JimKennard Jan 22 in Lake Ontario
The British steamship Nisbet Grammer, the largest steel steamer to have foundered in Lake Ontario has been discovered by a team of shipwreck explorers.  Dan Scoville, Jim Kennard, Craig Hampton, and Roland Stevens located the steamer thirty miles...  more »
0 2 JimKennard Sep 30, 2014 in Lake Ontario
A rare dagger–board schooner, Three Brothers, has been discovered in deep water off Oswego, New York by a team of shipwreck enthusiasts. Jim Kennard, Roger Pawlowski, and Roland Stevens located the schooner in early July utilizing high resolution...  more »
0 3 JimKennard Sep 8, 2014 in Lake Ontario
The wreck of a U.S. Air Force C-45 aircraft abandoned during flight by its crew in 1952 has been located in deep water off Oswego, New York.  Crippled by the failure of one of its two engines the plane continued on a 65 mile pilotless flight until it...  more »
0 6 JimKennard Jul 8, 2014 in Lake Ontario
Rochester, New York – The Canadian steamer Roberval which foundered in 1916 when struck by a rogue wave has been discovered in the deep depths of Lake Ontario.   The Roberval is one of only two undiscovered steel clad ships still in the...  more »
0 3 JimKennard Oct 30, 2013 in Lake Ontario
Rochester, New York – The battered remains of the Canadian schooner Ocean Wave, which capsized and eventually sank from a sudden and violent squall, has been found in the depths of Lake Ontario.   Shipwreck explorers Jim...  more »
0 0 JimKennard Sep 19, 2013 in Lake Ontario
Rochester, New York - The wreckage of the schooner Atlas which sank in 1839 during a gale has been located in Lake Ontario.  The Atlas may be the oldest confirmed commercial schooner discovered in the Great Lakes.  A team of shipwreck...  more »
0 1 JimKennard Jul 25, 2013 in Lake Ontario
Lost & Found: Legendary Lake Michigan Shipwrecks by V. O. Van Heest The many shipwrecks presented in Lost and Found became even more famous after their discoveries than at the time of their losses, gaining notoriety as historic attractions,...  more »
0 0 Valerievanheest Dec 11, 2012 in Lake Michigan
Low lake levels in the fall of 2012 resulted in the exposure of at least five shipwreck hulks along the edges of Harbor Island in Grand Haven, Michigan. Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates was called in to survey and identify the vessels, in...  more »
0 0 Valerievanheest Dec 11, 2012 in Lake Michigan
On June 20th 1874 the two masted scow schooner Shannon let loose her lines from the coal dock at the port of Oswego.  Around 4:00pm the Shannon passed Oswego light and headed out into the lake.  She had just taken on 100 tons of anthracite coal...  more »
0 0 DanScoville Oct 25, 2012 in Lake Ontario
Oswego, NY:  At approximately 4:40am on the night of November 17th 1879 the crew of the dredge Gordon fought for their lives in a Lake Ontario gale.  Few lived to tell the tale of the last moments before the barge turned on its side and sank in...  more »
0 2 DanScoville Aug 27, 2012 in Lake Ontario
In 2010 Erie Wrecks authors Mike and Georgann Wachter discovered a two masted tiller steered schooner 18 miles off Cleveland, Ohio.   Besides the 8 foot long tiller the vessel had a beautiful and unusual bow.  No cargo was noted and since the...  more »
0 0 GWachter Apr 17, 2012 in Lake Erie
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