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2014 marks the 100th anniverary of the sinking of The Empress of Ireland. Mr Ian Kinder (author) has published a great coffee table book.?

Canada's Titanic (Empress of Ireland). 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Empress of Ireland. The ship departed Quebec City for a transatlantic voyage. On board was a large Toronto Salvation Army group heading to a world conference in Europe. The first night as the ship passed Rimouski Quebec and entered a fog bank. It collided with another ship while in the fog bank. The Empress heeled over and sank in 14 minutes taking over 1000 souls to a watery grave. Mr Ian Kinder (author) has published an excellent book on the subject. He gives insight as to which ship was at fault. The book is filled with many rare photographs and drawings. The book can be ordered by contacting Mr Kinder at or website.

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