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Why are most shipwrecks on Lake Ontario on the east side?

Why are the most shipwrecks on Lake Ontario on the east side of the lake? Is the water rougher on that side of the lake or is there some other reason for it.

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Good Question. Actually 35% of the shipwrecks in Lake Ontario are located in depths over 300 feet and are essentially in the middle of the lake. Approximately 30% of Lake Ontario shipwrecks are located in the northeastern part of the lake. I expect that this is because much of the shipping activity was going to or centered around the Kingston area or was headed up the St Lawrence River.
There's a reasonable belief around Kingston that the reason lies in the fact that prevailing winds are from the SW. Given that this drives substantial seas towards the eastern end of the Lake, and that there are many, treacherous shoals in the area, it's likely why most wrecks occur here. However, since the age of steam, when vessels can run more easily from bad weather, and after charts and navigation aids improved, the number of wrecks has been reduced considerably. –  POWKingston  Sep 19th, 2013 at 5:40 PM

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