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Available assistant positions?

To Jim Kennard- I'm a recent graduate with a B.A. in anthropology and history, with archaeology experience and a diving certification. Are you looking for any kind of assistant in the Canadian schooner project? If so, I'd love the opportunity. If you'd like to talk, my email is Good luck with your further research.
-Jensen Hurley
Buffalo, NY

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Hi Jensen, Thank you for your interest in our shipwreck activities. Our goal is in locating shipwrecks off the southern shore of Lake Ontario and writing the final chapter of the ships history. Almost all of these ships are in very deep water and do not feasibly permit detailed archaeological examination. It is only through the use of good video do we get to understand the details of these shipwrecks. We work closely with our sponsor the National Museum of the Great Lakes who provides archaeological insight for the ships that we are finding in Lake Ontario.

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