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Buckhaven wreck

I am searching details on the Buckhaven which sank in 1831 north of Cap-des-Rosiers, Gaspé with Irish emigrants.

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The name Buckhaven does not show in my records but that is quite normal for a shipwreck that happened in that age. I do show a ship called Garrick that wrecked at Cap des Rosiers. It was an Irish emigrant ship wrecked in 1847 with a lost of 187 people. There is a monument erected close to the spot the ship wrecked. The light station was erected in 1858. There was another shipwreck called the Litdskalf (Norwegian barque) in 1869. If you are sure of the name of the Buckhaven you might be able to trace it via old shipping records or newspaper articles. If you know what shipping line owned the Buckhaven you might find some information in insurance documents like Lloyds of London. Hope this helps.

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