Requesting information regarding ship "Empire Knight" wrecked off York Maine on 11 Feb 1944

British freighter. Sunk during storm. May have been torpedoed earlier in the war and repaired in Nova Scotia. Thanks
Apr 12th, 2010

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James Walters
Dont know if you are still looking for information however I have put together a short history of the ship as my Great uncle died onboard her.

I have a crew list, cargo manifest and information on William Doxford's yard where she was built.
Don't know if your still giving out information but i have been looking for any information available on the Empire Knight –  recdiver  Aug 31st, 2011 at 3:07 PM
Can i please have any info you have on the empire knight , after recent famil;y bereavement i have discovered i has a relative on board when it sank


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