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The location of the UNDINE and James H Shrigley are located in the same place. Are there really two wrecks so close?

I grew up on Hilton Beach NY. I have seen the rocks of Wautoma Shoals exposed during high seas while sailing in the area (kind of scary at good speed and about 20 ft away). There is a huge barrel located semi-submerged at the end of Ferguson Dr. The wreck has shown up on navigational charts for years. I find the research of shipwrecks facinating since I have sailed all parts of Lake Ontario extensively. Oswego and the northeast corner are certainly hot beds. James H Shrigley supposedly was beached around Braddock's Point (Bogus Point) but struck the Wautoma Shoals. Undine had a long career on Ontario and Erie. Those Captains and crews were real people of courage.

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Yes, the Undine and James H Shrigley shipwrecks are really close together. The two wrecks are spread out around that area.

I would like to encourage people to explore these two wrecks. They represent the best of Great Lake commerce. Perhaps if people investigate these wrecks, they may be encouraged to find or explore other relics from the golden age of shipping and warfare. I believe that it all started in Lake Ontario. This is about REAL history.

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