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We are looking to dive on a wreck from the war of 1812, in L.Ont. in less than 100ft. of water. Is this possible?

I know 1812 wrecks are deep, and some of their locations are secret, we are war of 1812 re-enactors with the canadian fencibles(certified) and feel this would give us a whole new perspective from a history point of view.

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There are a few 1812 shipwrecks that you can dive. I would suggest that you purchase or borrow a copy of "The Great Lakes Diving Guide" by Cris Kohl. Or check out his website. His guide gives locations and history of each wreck. A few are in quite shallow water. I know that there are two in Navy Bay (Kingston) but you might have to get permission to dive them. As it is very close to the army training facility they are a little nervous about anyone entering the bay. Hope that this helps.

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