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Anyone know anything about the wreck of the barge John R. Noyes? One of my relatives rescued 4 men and a women in Lake Ont. in Dec. 1915

My relative was a crew member at the Charlotte, NY (Rochester) life-saving station. He was awarded a gold life-saving medal, accompanied by a laudatory letter from L.W. Shaw, Secretary of the Treasury for "gallantry in the face of peril and bitter cold". I believe the Department of the Treasury was the predecessor to the formation of the US Coast Guard.

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From the Great Lakes Shipwreck File:
Other names : none
Official no. : 75434
Type at loss : schooner-barge, wood, bulk freight
Build info : 1872, J. Navagh, Algonac, MI as 3-mast schooner
Specs : 136x26x11, 316g 300n
Date of loss : 1902, Dec 15
Place of loss : near Lakeside, NY [Salmon Point]
Lake : Ontario
Type of loss : storm
Loss of life : none
Carrying : coal
Detail : She and her tow steamer JOHN E. HALL(qv) fought this storm for a day and a half before NOYES was torn loose near the Ducks, losing her yawlboat, sails and anchors. She went ashore two days later and broke up. HALL sank with all hands on the 14th. The pair were bound Charlotte, NY, for Deseronto, Ont. - they had left Charlotte on the 12th. On the 16th a Lifesaving crew from Charlotte rescued the five crew and two dogs aboard.
Owned and homported out of Oswego.
Scuttled near Charlotte, NY, Lake Ontario, in September of 1885 to prevent her being destroyed by a storm.
Sources: csqw,h,win,usls,mpl,rp


The date was Dec.1902,when the Hall and the Noye's were both lost on Lake Ontario. The crew of the Noyes were rescued by the lifesaving crew from the Charlotte area after rowing many mile's in very rough condition's. The Noyes eventually sank and the Hall and crew were never seen again. Presumed lost near Main Duck Island.Total of 9 crew onboard the Hall.The lifesaving crew were given medal's for the rescue of the Noyes crew. Have much more info on this incident. Too much to write here. Hope this help's.

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