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Found parts of small plane along with clothing beside a river. clothing were from the 50s. have questions and advise.

clothing found with plane debri from the 50s.
have some questions and advise........please.
Thank you .
Gail Grunert

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Gail, You should contact the police and forest rangers that are responsible for that area. They may know the details of the accident. Are there any identifying numbers in the plane wreckage. If so, the aircraft could be indentified by those numbers. Please report back here and let us know what you find out. Jim
Thank you for your reply.
No. No identifying numbers. Any paint or numbers have been rubbed off by the sand.
Called Forest ranger...........ignorant.
Won't call police or sheriffs as I detest cops of any kind along with lying game wardens.
Seeking information with libraries right now for any archives as the local paper then and now don't keep archives.
Also seeking anyone living along the river for some time who might know if .............a small aircraft went down on the river's edge during high water, could the water have covered the plane with silt as it receeded and finally uncovered some of it during another high water episode.
I feel that the plane went down where I found the items or not far up river as why else would the men's socks still be rolled in pairs and two women's pants suits, top and bottoms, be found together but not attatched?

Will keep looking and hoping so I can stop this push which I don't understand.

Thanks again.
Gail –  flutterbye  Nov 10th, 2011 at 8:20 PM
Yes, I understand the situation. You might consider going back with a metal detector to see if you can find other metal objects that might be buried near by, maybe even some identification of the people involved. A potato digger is a good tool to use to rake through the sand, mud, loose dirt or leaves when looking for objects. BTW, check back on Shipwreckworld tomorrow when I post a new discovery that is in a way, similiar to yours. It took over 4 months before we learned of the details connected with this accident. I am sure in time you will solve this mystery. Keep us posted and take some pics of the site. This could be a good story to post on Shipwreckworld in the future. Jim –  JimKennard  Nov 10th, 2011 at 9:12 PM

Thank you for the advise.
I will wait until next spring time as the river fluctuates this time of year . The salmon are running and allot of fishermen in the area........ along the Eel River too. (Some more of their business) ("
I gave my metal detecter to my brother as i rarely used it after my husband died. Will see about getting another. What kind would you suggest? Mine was a White.
Yes, I will keep you informed but won't be going there until next spring.
You can't go wrong with a White's or Garrett Metal Detector. Good Hunting in the Spring, Cheers, Jim –  JimKennard  Nov 10th, 2011 at 11:02 PM

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