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This wreck was previously described in a published account dated 8/17/10. Do you have plans to acknowledge the earlier team?

The wreck of the Queen of the Lakes was previously located by another team in 2008, and subsequently researched and identified over the intervening 2 years. The account was published in the Wayne County Star on August 17, 2010. It is easy to understand that Kennard/Scoville/Stevens team research may not have come across this article, given the highly local nature of the publication.

However, now that you (at least Mr. Kennard) have been made aware of the earlier team’s work and success (see Lakeshore News, July 20 2011), do you plan to mention it anywhere in your writings? Or will your published accounts continue to imply that your team was the first?

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Our news release of the Queen of the Lakes does not state that we were the first to make the discovery as it is almost impossible to know if others have been there before and have not reported their finds to the media.

Prior to putting our news releases up on the Shipwreckworld website, we check GOOGLE to see if a ship has been reported found by others in the past. In the case of the Queen of the Lakes there was no account online of a previous discovery. We congratulate the divers who made their discovery of the Queen of the Lakes. 

We feel that it is more about sharing with the public the maritime history of a ship with good still and video images, than who actually made the discovery. We encourage anyone that would like to write an article with images of a shipwreck anywhere in the world to submit them via the “Submit an Article“ button on the right side of the home page of Shipwreckworld.

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