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The trhee masted schooner George Marsh was built in 1882 by Footlanders at the Muskegon, Michigan. After service under the American flag, she was purchased by J.B. Flint, of Belleville, Ontario and given Canadian registration. On August 8, 1914, she set...  more »
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The City of Sheboygan was built by in Sheboygan, WI on July 5th, 1871. A Canadian registered ship, she was heavily loaded with feldspar and was caught in a storm. The City of Sheboygan sank on September 25th 1915 near Amherst Island. Five sailors were...  more »
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Two-masted schooner Annie Falconer was built in Kingston in 1867. She departed from Kingston on her maiden voyage on May 17th, destination Toronto. The cargo was 25 tons of stone. During her lifetime she carried a wide range of cargoes: stone, lumber,...  more »
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Canadian two masted schooner collided with the schooner Lucy J Latham. Carried full cargo of wheat.  more »
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Two masted schooner loaded with salt bound for Cleveland. Sprang a leak and sunk in deep water off of Oak Orchard.  more »
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Two masted schooner developed a leak in sank in fair weather  more »
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Two masted schooner grounded and sank in a gale. Broken up and scattered  more »
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Two masted schooner. Ran onto a shoal during a storm.  more »
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Two masted schooner mostly broken up. Carried cargo of coal.  more »
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schooner set fire as a specticle  more »
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Caught fire at Sunnyside Park in "Toronto and sank in 60 feet of water.  more »
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Three masted schooner barge. Typically bouyed during the diving season  more »
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Historic War of 1812 schooner caught in a storm.  more »
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Thought to be the schooner Henry Clay but identity not confirmed.  more »
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Two masted Canadian schooner standed, sank, and went to pieces on Wautoma Shoals  more »
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The schooner Henry Roney was carrying limestone and lath. It sprang a leak and sank while trying to reach the Charlotte harbor or Rochester, NY. Currently only the bow and the stern are visible and are slowly disappearing.  more »
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Three masted schooner 136 ft long carried coal with a crew of 7 people. Only Captain Griffin was saved after clinging to the mast.  more »
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