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The Henry C. Daryaw was a 220 ft long steel freighter that sank in 1941 when she ran upon a shoal between American and Canadian Channels. The navigator did not see the shoal in a deep fog and Daryaw ran into it striking her bow. The Daryaw flipped upside...  more »
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This two masted unidentified schooner lies in 178 feet of water in lake ontario. The masts are still standing.  more »
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This wreck is thought to be from the War of 1812. Also known at the Bluff Nosed Wreck. It is in 165 feet of water.  more »
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The Atlasco was a wooden steamship built in 1881 at Buffalo, New York. She sank during a storm south of Ostrander Point near Point Traverse on August 7, 1921. The was no loss of life.  more »
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The three masted schooner Oliver Mowat was built in 1873 at Mill Haven, Ontario. She was 116 feet in length. In September of 1921 the Oliver Mowat was struck midship by the steel freighter Keywest. Three of the five crew were lost. The masts were a hazard...  more »
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The steel steamship Manola was built in 1890 in Cleveland, Ohio. The ship was to be utilized during WW I. The ship was cut in half and both the bow and stern were towed though the Welland Canal and across Lake Ontario. the stern section made it safely...  more »
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The two masted schooner Fabiola was built at Oakville, Ontario, Canada in 1852. She was lost south of the False Duck Islands on route from Oswego with a cargo of coal.  more »
1 1 in Lake Ontario
The Florence, a wooden tug was built at Levis, Quebec in t 1885. She worked in the St Lawrence River and Lakes Erie and Ontrio until springing a leak and sinking in November 1933. Her engine and propeller were removed. Much of the tug is now broken up due...  more »
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The Banshee is a wooden propeller steamboat. She was on route from Port Stanley (Lake Erie) to Montreal with a cargo of 6000 bushels of weat, 250 barrels of flour, and 300 kegs of butterr. The Banshee ran into a terrific strom on August 21, 1861 and lost...  more »
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Two masted schooner Echo loaded with barley sank near False Duck Island in Lake Ontario on October 11, 1861. All of the crew survived. Located in shallow water it is farly broken up.  more »
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The schooner William Jamieson was built in 1878 at Mill Point, Ontario. On May 15, 1923, while bound Oswego to Napanee, Ontario with 350 tons of hard coal, the schooner sprang a leak near the Ducks, and began taking on water. Captain Patrick McManus...  more »
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A scuttled wooden tug boat named "Terry's tug" is unidentified tug but is believed to be from the Collins Bay Rafting and Forwarding Company that worked out of the local area.  more »
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