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St. Lawrence River

The wreck of the Empress of Ireland is very large. However, years of strong currents, salvaging and deterioration have taken their toll. The twin funnels have long since rusted away, as has the ship's superstructure. The wreck is covered in marine life...  more »
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Sunken barge that may have been utilized in the construction of the Thousand Islands Bridge in the 1930's.  more »
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Around 1860 the schooner Elk hit the head of Washington Island and sank in the shallows.  more »
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In November of 1906, the steamer Grand View broke from her moorings and drifted on the rocks at the head of Governer's Island, opposite Clayton, New York.  more »
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Early 1900's gas powered speed boat  more »
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The steamer Lewiston and three of the barges that were in tow ran aground on Hinckley Flats.  more »
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The remains of two unknown sailing ships that were most likely stripped of all useful items and scuttled in shallow water near shore.  more »
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Two masted wooden schooner, Clara White, caught fire and burned to the water line and sank near Brockville, Ontario.  more »
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In 1890 the steam powered yacht, Catherine, collided with the Steamer St. Lawrence. This yacht immediately sank near sunken rock Light.  more »
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A 1930's vintage wooden hull "air Boat" powered by an airplane engine, which is still on board the wreck.  more »
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An unknown steam launch about 30 feet in length.  more »
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Believed to be the schooner Sam Cooke also referred to as the Battersby Island Wreck. This shipwreck is that of a three masted schooner.. The Sam Cooke was built at Oswego, New York in 1873. In 1882 the Cooke was blown towards Battersby Island by a strong...  more »
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