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Diving Pacific would be impossible. It lies at over 900 feet below sea level, far too deep for even technical scuba diving. The wreck would need to be explored with an ROV or a manned submersible. While the position of the wreck has been confirmed by the...  more »
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The 254 foot wooden side wheel steamer, Alabama, became waterlogged and sank. Parts of the ship were salvaged. It is very broken up and scattered on the bottom.  more »
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During the evening of July 15, 1875, the Champlain had just departed from Westport, N.Y. and was headed up the lake to Burlington, Vermont. The pilot apparently fell asleep at the wheel and the Champlain was driven at full speed into a rock ledge....  more »
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The Phoenix was built in 1815 and was the second side-wheel steamer on Lake Champlain. She measured 146’ in length by 27’ wide and weighed 336 tons. The ship was on the Whitehall to St.Johns run on September 5, 1819 when, in the early morning...  more »
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In November of 1906, the steamer Grand View broke from her moorings and drifted on the rocks at the head of Governer's Island, opposite Clayton, New York.  more »
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The wooden steamer Arizona was built in Cleveland in 1868. She had a length of 201 feet and beam of 32 1/2 feet. In December 1922 the Arizona caught fire at Cape Vincent. She was towed up river for 1 1/2 miles and then scuttled. Later the ship remains...  more »
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The steamer Oconto was on her first trip carrying a cargo of silks, cotton, boots and 15 passengers. She struck Granite State shoal in July of 1886. There was an unsuccessful salvage attempt and the Oconto slide down the steep side of the channel and...  more »
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The Sir Robert Peel was a side wheel passenger steamer built at Brockville, Ontario in 1837. While tied up to the dock in 1838 a raiding party dress up as indians captured her, robbed the passengers, and then set the ship on fire. She sank downstream from...  more »
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The Islander was built in Rochester, NY in 1871. She was utilized as both an excursion boat and a mail carrier. In 1909 the Islander burned at the dock. She is 125 feet in length. This is a great 1st wreck dive as you can enter the water from shore and...  more »
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The Atlasco was a wooden steamship built in 1881 at Buffalo, New York. She sank during a storm south of Ostrander Point near Point Traverse on August 7, 1921. The was no loss of life.  more »
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The steel steamship Manola was built in 1890 in Cleveland, Ohio. The ship was to be utilized during WW I. The ship was cut in half and both the bow and stern were towed though the Welland Canal and across Lake Ontario. the stern section made it safely...  more »
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The iron hulled 165 ft long steamer S. M. Douglas (formally the White Star) was built in 1897 for the Oakville Navigation company for use as passenger steamer. During the summer of 1903 while refitting the White star burned and was declared a total loss...  more »
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