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War of 1812 US warship Sank in a gale on Lake Ontario Off limits for diving. Diving permit must be obtained from Canada.  more »
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Historic War of 1812 schooner caught in a storm.  more »
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Thought to be the schooner Henry Clay but identity not confirmed.  more »
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Wooden steamer loaded with coal. Stranded in a storm on Wautoma Shoals and went to pieces.  more »
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Two masted Canadian schooner standed, sank, and went to pieces on Wautoma Shoals  more »
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Steam powered wooden tugboat  more »
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The schooner Henry Roney was carrying limestone and lath. It sprang a leak and sank while trying to reach the Charlotte harbor or Rochester, NY. Currently only the bow and the stern are visible and are slowly disappearing.  more »
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The Homer Warren was the oldest wooden straight deck bulk freighter in operation on the Great Lakes when it foundered in a heavy gale on October 28, 1919. The ship was on route from Oswego, New York, to Toronto, Canada, with a crew of nine men, all of...  more »
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Three masted schooner 136 ft long carried coal with a crew of 7 people. Only Captain Griffin was saved after clinging to the mast.  more »
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